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Hi ~ So the name is Krystal. Alberta, Canada.
I am Vietnamese guys. I just live in a different country....

I reblog A LOT

Biggest Fandom Right Now :

Rise of the Brave Tangle Dragons
Hannibal '

Mostly known as Krystal Angie M. on Youtube.


so we were in the car and i was hearing a song and i yelled stucky cause it reminded me of stucky and my dad said “bless you” and i couldn’t stop laughing HE THOUGHT I HAD SNEEZED


spn s6 vfx [x]

imagine going into work and being told “Today I need you take this glowing ball on a stick and whack Jensen Ackles in the face with it”



Germany trusts machines so much that he plowed his car into a bathroom by listening to the directions of a GPS.


I am bring this back for reasons.


How I imagine one of Season 10’s episodes: Sam finally locks Dean up in the dungeon, desperate to being him back to being human. One day, Sam tried to call on Human Dean and for a flicker of a moment, he does come back, asking Sam to try and cure him. Knowing that Dean is not just a vessel and his brother’s soul is the one truly corrupted, Sam was afraid that he might kill Dean in the process. Dean continues to beg him, using the little time they have and fighting his inner demon. Finally, the episode ends with Sam’s decision—the exorcism begins.

Dean: Babe come over
Cas: Dean I am a two days drive away, my grace is fading, and you're a demon
Dean: My parents are out of town
Cas: Your parents died years ago
Dean: Rude

Adam Scott’s Scholarly Analysis Of “Ice Ice Baby” (x)





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